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Kenya Space Agency
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About Kenya Space Agency

The Kenya Space Agency (KSA) was established under the Ministry of Defence, as the successor to the National Space Secretariat (NSS), by Executive Order through Legal Notice No. 22 of 7th March 2017 with the mandate to promote, coordinate and regulate space related activities in the country.
Vision: The vision of the Agency is to be the premier Space Agency in promotion of access and effective utilization of Space Economy for national sustainable development.
Mission: To coordinate, nurture and develop Kenya’s Space sector to maximize the utilization of Space opportunities.
Strategic Plan: KSA developed and launched its first five-year strategic plan for 2020-2025 that is guiding the implementation of its mandate and giving it strategic direction. Through this plan, the Agency has prioritized the following four (4) core strategic areas for the period 2020-2025.

  • Delivery of Space Services: These includes Earth Observation, Navigation and Positioning, Satellite Communications, Space Operations and Systems Engineering, and Space Science and Astronomy programmes.
  • Developing National Space Capability: This involves Capacity Needs Assessment, Space Economy and Commerce, Development of Human Capacity and Competence, Strategic Infrastructure and Facilities, Research Innovation and Applications as well as Education and Outreach programme.
  • Sector Coordination and Leadership: This is being achieved through Sector Planning, Policy and Legal Environment, Creation of Networks and Linkages, Communications and Knowledge Management and Sector Leadership.
  • Corporate Positioning and Sustainability: This is being achieved through Corporate Competence, Resource Mobilization, and Institutional Sustainability.

The Earth Observation (EO) Programme in KSA focusses on the utilization of Space derived data to guide policy formulation and support the decision making processes.


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