Artificial Intelligence

"Intelligence demonstrated by machines. Can be specific to some tasks or be generally intelligent in a range of fields or in all fields. This technology is being developed to analyse large data sets. Space is a major source of large data sets about the Earth and the Cosmos so AI has potential applications in analysing space data". (Nilsson 2014)


Nilsson, Nils J. Principles of artificial intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann, 2014.

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Mozaika Stakeholder


Mozaika, The Humanizing Technologies Lab, provides research and development in the field of data science, natural interfaces (human-computer interaction), knowledge management and human insight. At Mozaika we are trying to leverage data science with natural interfaces to provide solutions tailored to human behavior, attitudes and comprehension. The company specializes in building information infrastructures that serve a variety of applications in data as a service or intelligence as a service modes. Our solutions are either human user facing or modules of larger systems.