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Isabel Zetina, from Guatemala, has carved her path through a journey in Earth Sciences. Her academic pursuit led her to the University of Innsbruck, where she pursuit a bachelor's in Earth Science. Fuelled by her passion for understanding Earth's intricate systems, Isabel pursued her Master's degree in Applied Earth Science at the University of Vienna. It was during this time that her fascination with hydrogeology and groundwater management blossomed. With an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, Isabel dedicated herself to the study and preservation of one of our planet's most precious resources - water. 

Further, she recognizes the stark reality faced by communities deprived of access to safe drinking water, mainly in the Latin American communities. By conducting comprehensive studies on water sources near these communities, Isabel endeavors to pave the way towards sustainable solutions, ensuring that every individual has the fundamental right to clean, potable water.

In her quest to bridge the gap between science and society, Isabel ventured into the realm of journalism. Recognizing the power of effective communication in shaping public perception and policy, she undertook a journalism course, honing her skills as a science communicator. Through her insightful storytelling and articulate discourse, Isabel strives to ignite a passion for science in the hearts of individuals worldwide, inspiring collective action towards a more sustainable and equitable future.

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