With the approach of the 2024 Atlantic Hurricane Season commencing on June 1st, the National Emergency Management Advisory Committee (NEMAC) needs to publish a final list of approved Emergency Shelters for households that need to evacuate flood-prone areas. The NEMAC Chairperson drafted a set of criteria to guide the Selection Subcommittee members in their decision-making. A key requirement is that a candidate facility should not be prone to the impacts of flooding and landslide events which are likely to occur within a 200 m radius from the Emergency Shelter’s point of location.

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Problem Definition
Flood prone communities are at risk of experiencing loss and damage to property due to inundated homes and real estate from intense rainfall events in connection with tropical cyclones and upper-level trough systems.  Emergency shelter is crucial in the initial phase of disaster relief efforts and there should be a list of adequate facilities identified well before hazard impact to address acute shelter needs by retrofitting temporary facilities such as schools, churches, clinics, and other community structures in order to ensure sufficient privacy and dignity to the groups, families, and individuals within them.

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Success criteria
Sixty emergency shelters selected among candidate facilities from applicants who meet the criteria of building size, proximity to a motorable roadway, etc.
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