Gabrielle recently graduated with an MSc in Water Science, Policy, and Management from the University of Oxford. Her degree had a large focus on freshwater, with areas of study including drinking water accessibility, wastewater management, water quality, environmental policy, and water in healthcare. Her dissertation focused on freshwater quality and was an evaluation of freshwater pollution in England’s rivers, primarily focusing on the Rivers Thames and Cherwell. It also included an analysis of the environment policy within the UK that pertains to pathogen pollution.

Her most recent work has focused on the intersectionality of wastewater management and inequality. In particular, she analyzed the wastewater management practices within the Canadian province of Nunavut and highlighted the ‘hidden in plain sight’ effect that is occurring in First Nations communities despite Canada being a water-rich country. Her research works to shine a light on problems that are frequently overlooked and to give a voice to those who are chronically unheard.

Outside the office, Gabrielle is an avid athlete. She participated at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games where she finished 6th in the Women’s Double Sculls rowing event. She also raced in the 2022 Boat Race in the Oxford Women’s Blue Boat. Having had the opportunity to train and race on waterways all over the world, the sport of rowing worked to help feed Gabrielle’s passion for healthy bodies of water. Because of this, she is interested in research topics related to water quality, pollution management, and marine ecosystem conservation. Gabrielle has also worked on projects promoting sea star stewardship within the Pacific Northwest. She has interests in marine microbiology and sustainable port management.