39th International Sympsonium on Remote Sensing of Environment

39th International Sympsonium on Remote Sensing of Environment "From Human Needs to SDGs" - 24-28 April 2023 - Rixos Hotels - Sungate - Antalya, Turkiye
24 - 28 Apr 2023
Group on Earth Observations
Antalya, Turkey

In this inspiring time for the space sector and its important contribution towards helping to realise the timely delivery of the SDG’s, ISRSE-39 offers a unique opportunity for in-depth, cross-disciplinary exchanges between key public and private sectors organizations and leading actors in the field of satellite observing systems, remote sensing applications and information services. A global event, the symposium places strong emphasis on practical applications and societal outcomes - at local, national and regional levels. ISRSE is widely acknowledged to be one of the most significant gatherings of the international remote sensing community. The Symposium attracts senior staff of space agencies and international Earth observation programmes and thereby provides a global overview of advances in Earth observation and the consequential societal benefits.

UpToDate Technologies, which includes Remote Sensing and other related sciences at the ISRSE-39 symposium, will bring together scientists, technologists and environmental users to help us understand and cope with the latest developments in our environment.

Event Themes

Climate, Weather and Atmosphere
Agriculture and Food Security
Forest, Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Water Resources and Water Cycle
Marine and Coastal Environment Resources and Dynamic
Development of Sustainable Societies and Human Heritage
Public Health
Capacity Development, Communications, Resource Mobilization (TBD), National Strategies and SDG Integration
Disasters Resilience and Geohazards
Change and Adaptation in Deltaic and High Mountain Systems
Forest Fires
Water Pollution
Data and Information Systems and Spatial Data Infrastructures
Current and Future EO Missions, Programs, Platforms, Techniques and Outreach

Rixos Hotels - Sungate
Başkomutan No:153-1/1Kemer, Atatürk Caddesi
07985 Antalya/