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GEO - Global Water Sustaibility

Established in 2017 by the Group on Earth Observations - Water Community, GEOGloWS is a voluntary mechanism created by informal agreement among multiple partners from inside and outside the UN system. This mechanism allows for engagement and greater integration with trans-national organizations and agencies with water responsibilities at the National and Local levels.  



Interview with Dr. Avid Roman-Gonzalez

Dr. Avid Roman-Gonzalez is a professor at Universidad Nacional Tecnologica de Lima Sur, teaching electronic engineering and telecommunications. He has worked extensively on the quality of satellite images and in one project used such images for post-disaster management after floods in Peru. He believes that access to such images can be crucial for monitoring water quality and pollution. For example, he was part of a team to use remote sensing images and GIS to study algal bloom pollution of Lake Titicaca, between Peru and Bolivia. To innovate, Dr. Roman-Gonzalez says one needs to think about the problems that society has and devise creative solutions for all, and believe that reading, alongside the execution of daily tasks are essential for productive work.


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