Virtual Water Values (ViWA)

"Virtual Water Values (ViWA) is an interdisciplinary research project of geographers, remote sensing scientists, agroeconomists, computer scientists and landscape planners. It aims at supporting the implementation of water and food related SDGs by first developing a global, high resolution monitoring system for agricultural yields, water use efficiency and actual virtual water contents of agricultural products based on COPERNICUS Sentinel-2 time series."  (Mauser et al. 2018)



Mauser, Wolfram, Tobias Hank, Tom Jaksztat, and Elisabeth Probst. 2018. “Virtual Water Values - a Project for Global and Regional Assessment of Agricultural Yields and Water Use Efficiency.” Land Reclamation, Earth Observation & Surveying, Environmnetal Engineering VII: 192–97.

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Interview with Lukas Graf

Lukas Graf used to take clean drinking water for granted. As he grew up, and conversations around climate change and environmental destruction became increasingly intense, he started to become more aware of the importance and scarcity of water resources. Around a similar time, he became increasingly enthusiastic about space, realising that space technologies could be used to explore many of the pressing topics that he was interested in. He has participated in research projects that used remote sensing methods to study the effects of global change on ecosystems and especially on water availability. Lukas is interested in a range of topics from virtual water and water quality to irrigation and agriculture. He believes that interdisciplinary approaches and mutual dialog with societies and stakeholders need to be deepened for sustained resource management.