IWA Digital World Water Congress

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24 Mai - 04 Jun 2021

The IWA Digital World Water Congress is a major virtual event which aims to bring together global stakeholders from across the industry. Attendees of the event will include scientists, academics, water professionals, utilities, regulators and engineers.

The event will host a number of plenary sessions with keynote speakers from industry, as well as dozens of presentations from industry experts. Click here to find out more about the programme. There will also be a poster hall, with presentations and Q&As available from each author. The event will include opportunities to network with like-minded professionals, either via 1-1 chats, or through larger group conversations. The platform offers smart networking features, which allow attendees to quickly find other attendees based on shared interests, areas of work, or geographical background.

Event Themes

Water Utility Mapping
Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery
Drinking Water and Potable Reuse
City-Scale Planning and Operations
Communities, Communication and Partnerships
Water Resources and Large Scale Water Management