Are you ambitious about applying your coding skills to the greater good? Do you think information can be represented better, to change existing patterns of thought?

Join the Space for Water Team as a Web Developer for Geographic Information Systems and Knowledge Graph Data Visualization, Space Applications Section.

Your responsibilities will depend your individual's background. Duties may include, but are not limited to:
• Evaluate the benefits of a newly developed Drupal module that integrates existing JavaScript libraries (e.g. D3.js) to create visualizations (graphs, dendograms and other charts) with currently existing Drupal content types of the Space4Water Portal vs. using the neo4j Drupal module for graph visualisations. The comparison shall include visualisation possibilities and performance metrics.
• Contribute to the development of a filterable taxonomy visualisations e.g. by means of a filterable dendogram in which resulting nodes shall be brought to a dominant position, while the other nodes are arranged to a less dominant position and can be greyed out.
• Implement visualisations such as dendograms and interactive graphs that show the relation between nodes and develop functionality that makes the graph traversable and usable. Details on a certain node need to be accessible, and a switch between the classical view of data and the node graph shall be possible.
• Assist in making Space4Water data accessible via semantic web technologies
• Assist in developing access and visualisation of third-party linked data
• Collaborate with the Information Systems Officer of UNOOSA to integrate the code with the current existing information infrastructure. Optimally, this module can be generalized and contribute to the open source community in general to visualize nodes of any type. This is not a core requirement but best practice.
• Develop mapping features for the Portal (in PHP and JavaScript) such as map-based filters for content listings and visualisations of geo-referenced data.

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