Shared data means everything to Earth observation researchers. If we hope to solve global problems such as climate change, open data is at the heart of finding answers. Sharing is at the heart of GEO’s latest call to action.

In partnership with Google, GEO will select 25 project proposals to receive licenses for Google Earth Engine, to be used to tackle significant societal challenges and improve understanding of our planet.

Google is providing these licenses, valued at US$3 million, to broaden the use of Earth observation data. In keeping with GEO's goal of promoting openly shared data, we require that the chosen projects offer the results of their work to the open science community, including code, algorithms, datasets and results.

Big data from openly available Earth observations offers a wealth of opportunities for the open science community to produce new research and applications, since these datasets supply critical, objective information about the world’s oceans, forests, and key biodiversity indicators. All of these represent vital signs regarding the health of our Earth’s ecosystems and will help measure the pulse of the planet.

More details can be found on the website here.

If you’re interested in proposing your project for a free Earth Engine license, please submit your proposal via this Application Form to by March 15, 2020.

The GEO Secretariat