Open-Earth-Monitor Science Webinars

07 Dec 2023 14:00 - 15:00

The Open-Earth-Monitor project is pleased to invite you to the ninth edition of the Science Webinars, our monthly discussions on topics related to earth observation and environmental monitoring, hosted on the first Thursday of each month.

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Join us to listen to the following presentations and ask experts your questions:

Time-series reconstruction in remote sensing data


Davide Consoli is a Postdoctoral Researcher within OpenGeoHub Foundation. He has a background in electronic engineering, computer science, computational electromagnetism, brain modeling, remote sensing, and environmental modeling. At OpenGeoHub, his tasks include, code development for geo computing with high-performance computing (HPC) techniques, management of the cyberinfrastructure, and optimization of computational efficiency and accuracy of predictive spatiotemporal models.

About his presentation

Satellite images can be used to derive time series of vegetation indices, such as normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) or enhanced vegetation index (EVI), at global scale. Unfortunately, recording artifacts, clouds, and other atmospheric contaminants impacts a significant portion of the produced images, requiring the usage of ad-hoc techniques to reconstruct the time series in the affected regions. In literature, several methods have been proposed for this scope, to the best of our knowledge, none of them provide an open source framework that can be applied to the reconstruction of remote sensing dataset of size in the order of PetaBytes with good performance and reasonable computational time. Davide will present a new method that he and his team implemented in OpenGeoHub to tackle those challenges. In addition to the reconstructed time series, the method outputs a quality assessment layer to quantify the expected effectiveness of the reconstruction.



Lukas Mocek is the International Community & Partnership Development Contact point for Sensor.Community contributors, institutions, and local groups around the world. He and his team connect and establish collective activities. Sensor.Community is proving what is possible on a global scale with a focus on privacy, the use of Open Source, and the integration of Open Data.

About his presentation

Lukas will present Sensor.Community, a global sensor network run by volunteers that creates, provides, and visualizes open environmental data. They are a complement to existing official measurement networks and are also in places where official measurement stations do not measure.

The global Sensor.Community platform has grown to over 13.000 Air-Quality sensors in more than 70 countries. The network's step-by-step instructions are available in 24 languages, while the SensorKits measure environmental data such as air quality, temperature, air pressure, and relative humidity, which values can be viewed on the live map. Since its creation, the sensor network has generated over 23.900.000.000 data points, and everything ever measured is available as open environmental data.

About the OEMC Science Webinars:

Every first Thursday of the month, the Open-Earth-Monitor project hosts science webinars inviting two leading experts to share their research and work on Earth Observation, geospatial environmental data, monitoring networks & alert systems.

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