About Sinergise

Sinergise is a SME with extensive expertise in developing advanced geospatial information systems based on web technology. It has experts in the field of user needs and system design, software development, database administration and system infrastructure.

Sinergise has successfully completed several projects involving spatial data capture and spatial data analysis for customers in Europe and Africa. Their products can be grouped in agriculture, real estate and cloud GIS.

Agriculture-related systems include those covering Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) legislation (LPIS - land parcel identification system, on-the-spot controls, control with remote sensing, rural development, etc.) as well as agro-environmental and animal/crop disease applications.

Real-estate management deals with land administration, cadastre, deeds (land titles and mortgages) and computer aided mass appraisal (CAMA).

Cloud GIS solutions include Geopedia, crowd-sourcing platform, and Sentinel Hub, award winning satellite imagery archiving, processing and distribution service, which powers several earth observation applications in Europe, Africa, US and Australia and at this moment processes two million requests per week, crunching more than quadrillion satellite imagery pixels from Sentinel, Landsat, Planet, RapidEye and other missions.

Sinergise has past experience in ESA projects as well as other international research (FP7, H2020) and commercial projects. It has on-going relationships with several groups of users (e.g. Ministries for agriculture, Ministries for lands), which will help them to access relevant users and get feedback. Sentinel Hub itself has users from various domains and is in the current period processing more than 10 million requests per day, serving tens of thousands of users around the world.

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