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We founded Omanos with the mission of using space data analysis to empower communities around the world, and to bring the benefits of satellite data insights to a wider audience. Much of our work has used satellite data analysis to reveal the social and environmental impacts of, e.g., mining, agriculture, and the hydrocarbon industry across four continents for range of clients – international NGOs, governments, supra-national bodies including the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency. Our work has been used in high-level arbitration cases to support the rights of communities and ensure that principles of transparency and accountability are upheld. Omanos uses a combination of automated and human analysis to create bespoke data products that are designed to be accessible to non-scientific audiences, and actionable in a range of contexts (including legal arbitration, advocacy campaigns, research). Our multi-disciplinary team has experience spanning satellite mission architecture, data analysis, engineering, software development, international law, humanitarian development, media, human rights and security management. A current priority is developing a satellite data-enabled monitoring and compliance system for socio-environmental impact of large infrastructure projects, to protect local communities/environments and reduce risk to investors. We are piloting this in Kenya through a project supported by the UKSA's International Partnership Programme, “gEOthermalKenya: Earth Observation Insights for Sustainable Growth of the Kenyan Geothermal Sector”.

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