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About H2O Geomatics Inc.

H2O Geomatics is a research spin-off from the University of Waterloo. The company uses state-of-the-art remote sensing technologies to turn Earth Observation (EO) data into products and information tailored to meet end-user needs in various domains of application. H2O Geomatics is also conducting R & D activities on machine learning algorithms to handle big EO datasets as well as the development of environmental risk assessment tools for climate-dependent sectors such as agriculture and water resources management.

Services offered by the company include:

1. EO-Derived Products: Acquisition and processing of EO data through physically-based and machine learning algorithms for the generation of value-added products to customers.

2. Remote Sensing Consultancy: Execution of scientific and technical studies for clients, from conceptual design through to prototyping and implementation of EO data processing chains for various domains of application.

3. Software Development: Development of software tools for most operating systems written in various computer languages that can be integrated into commercial or open source image analysis and GIS software packages as well as custom-designed geospatial platforms (web tools).

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