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With more than 50 years of existence and continued growth, DHI is an independent, private and not-for-profit organization based in Denmark, with 30 offices and about 1,100 full-time employees worldwide. We have helped clients in more than 140 countries solving their most difficult challenges in water environments.
DHI provides consulting services as well as software products/solutions, often involving bespoke Decision Support Systems (DSSs) with smooth integration of water-related data and modelling tools in resilient and robust IT environments. We are considered a commercial pacesetter for development and application of comprehensive state-of-art solutions within water resources planning and management.
DHI’s Earth Observation knowledge hub, DHI GRAS, was established in 2000. It is located at the Danish DHI headquarters in Denmark but has close ties and interactions with all the global offices. Through DHI GRAS, DHI can provide key expertise in satellite image and data processing for hydrology, water quality, environmental assessment and monitoring.  DHI GRAS has completed projects in over 75 countries worldwide and ranging from large scale mapping of river basins, biomes or ecoregions at the scale of up to several hundred thousand of km² to more detailed mapping of species and habitats based on Very High Resolution (VHR) data. Mapping is often done in interdisciplinary project settings in close collaboration with hydrologists, ecologists, biologist, coastal experts, decision makers, engineers etc. Consequently, DHI GRAS is used to adapting solutions to the specific needs of the user and the project context.

DHI GRAS offers services in the following fields (see www.dhi-gras.com for more information):

  • Operational data services and handling of large data sets
  • Earth Observation data processing and image classification
  • Feature extraction and land cover/land use mapping
  • Water resources, wetlands and water quality
  • Vegetation and ecosystem mapping
  • Implementation of EO data into hydrological and water balance modelling
  • GIS operations and applications
  • Training and capacity building in use of GIS and EO data
  • Software development with focus on open source solutions
  • Development and setup of GIS and EO based systems
  • Quality control and validation

DHI GRAS is an official distributor of most types of satellite imagery through agreements with the major global satellite providers. Consequently, DHI GRAS has profound expertise in handling and advising about relevant data types and the practical and technical performance of the respective satellites.

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