Space-based Solutions

There is an abundance of water-related challenges to be solved to get back on track with sustainable water management. To help finding solutions to this abundance of issues, UNOOSA decided to feature (co-created) space-based solutions submitted by active Space4Water Communtiy members, including stakeholders, professionals, young professionals and Indigenous voices.

If you would like to start contributing to any water-related challenges featured on the portal, or share a solution that has worked for you please contact office[at] or your trusted Space4Water staff using their email address. 

UNOOSA encourages Space4Water community members to collaborate to find solutions addressing the pressing water-related challenges we face on Earth. To learn more reach out to office[at] or ideally your trusted Space4Water point of contact.


Flood modeling for melting glacier - need for input

Identify upstream potential pollution sources - in development

Surface water extent river course - in development

Construction of sand dams for Samburu County - in development

Rainwater harvesting in Samburu County – in development

Determining optimum sites for rainwater harvesting - in development

Vegetation classification for land of Maori communtiy - in development

Water suitability map (Samburu County, Kenya) - in development