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Innovation Hub Dudelange 100
Route de Volmerange Dudelange
3593 Luxembourg

About RSS-Hydro

Diverse and dynamic R&D company operating across geospatial fields for a more sustainable future - Earth Observation, remote sensing, drones, and modelling of water risks. We are determined to make the world a more sustainable and resilient place, including the SDG targets 1, 2, 6, 13, 15, and 17 in our mission and daily activities. We offer:

  • Science-based products & services in environmental remote sensing and ML models to help clients and society mitigate present and future hydro-meteorological risks under a changing climate
  • Drone-based services for different sectors, such as the construction, renewable energy, environment, and viti-agriculture, humanitarian and developing aid
  • Leading cutting-edge research & development in geospatial and hydrological scientific fields to find sustainable sustainable solutions to water risks; also working with Msc students, PhD and Post-doc. researchers in our RED department
  • Strong partnership with national and international organizations, such as ESA, MSF, WFP, UN FAO, to address the challenges of our times
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