Victor's research focuses on geosciences with an emphasis on the use of applied mathematics and statistics. His thesis was part of the European project WACMOS-MED, supported by ESA, and contributed to the international project HyMeX. In the context of climate change, characterizing the water cycle is a key issue of the scientific community. The aim was to develop satellite products integration methods to optimize the water cycle monitoring (atmosphere, land and ocean) over the Mediterranean basin.

His Postdoctoral research at Tokyo University (JSPS fellow) focuses on estimating river discharge over the Amazon basin, by using the theoretical framework developed during his Ph.D and river map information from remote sensing.

His current position (CNES fellow) focus on the the extension of my research topic to the global scale in the context of the SWOT mission. The aim is to show the potential of satellite observations of water cycle components for a better description of water fluxes and stocks at fine spatio-temporal scales.