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Digital Earth Africa learning platform

This learning platform helps users understand the significance of Earth observations, explore Digital Earth Africa datasets through an interactive map, and get started on the basics of python coding for spatial analysis.

Digital Earth Africa makes Earth observation (EO) data readily available, delivering decision-ready products to the African continent. Data generated by Digital Earth Africa will provide valuable insights for better decision-making across many areas, including resource management, food security and urbanisation.

About this course

Learn how to obtain crop productivity using DE Africa products and services including notebooks such as crop health, NDVI anomalies, and soil moisture

This is a self paced course that covers monitoring crop productivity using DE Africa. This cours has been co-developed by DE Africa and African Regional Institute for Geospatial Information Science and Technology (AFRIGIST) in Nigeria.

Some experience in Earth observations, and satellite data is desirable as well as participation in DE Africa Introduction to Sandbox. All sessions feature step-by-step instructions and knowledge check quizzes, with the opportunity to achieve certification by passing all tasks.